About Us



Warringu was founded in the late 70s to late 80s by Joe and Betty Morgan who were operating Anuaka (ours) Arts and crafts. It was here that the couple began to recognise that many women and children were living on the streets of Cairns. This was often a direct result of family violence. Joe and Betty realised a safe space was needed to provide shelter for these women and children and getting them off the streets.
It was from this vision, Warringu was born and officially Incorporated in January 1984.

Starting out in an old wooden house that has since been torn down, Joe and Betty had some help in getting Warringu off the ground. Whilst many of these people are unnamed, some of the people who were instrumental to Warringu’s beginnings and growth include: Jennie Martens, Eve Finney, Margaret Ah Kee, Judy Klimm, Marie Wallis, Nanette Ahmat, Elaine Corrie, Pat O’Hara and Robyn Moylan.

Thanks to the contributions of all of these strong and compassionate people, Warringu has been able to provide safety and security for women and children for more than 35 years and today can support up to 7 women and up to 25 children at any one time.

Warringu was incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 on 27th January, 1984. As a specialist DFV service, Warringu adheres to the standards of the Human Services Quality Framework which applies to organisations delivering human services and are funded by State and Federal Governments.

These standards ensure that we comply with the six quality standards that meet the core elements of human service delivery including the additional requirements for Domestic and Family Violence. Warringu is accredited against the six Human Services Quality Framework standards noted below and are recognised for their focus around continuous improvement.

1. Governance and Management
2. Service Access
3. Responding to individual need
4. Safety, well-being and rights
5. Feedback, complaints and appeals
6. Human Resources.

Warringu is compliant with Child Safety regulations and undertake regular training and professional development in these areas. Warringu is a Child Safe Organisation and work towards implementing the principles that guide good practice.


From the early days, Warringu has relied on fundraising to support their service delivery and growth. Warringu still relies heavily on support from the community and fundraising to continue delivering our services today. This concentrated effort that helped get Warringu off the ground continues to influence our work: We remain best placed to support individuals and families who are experiencing DFV from an evidence-based and culturally informed practice.